A Flip of a Coin Snippet 04/28/18

Author’s note: Sorry for the delay in getting this out, I’m having issues with the blog (new to the blog scene). I am trying to recover my first post with all your supportive comments. Once again sorry for any inconvenience. With that said, on with the show.

Welcome back, it’s that time again! It’s time for the weekend writing warrior blog hop where writers post 8-10 sentence snippets of writing. Also, it’s a great opportunity to read, discover new things and visiting different blogs. For more information and how to partake in the weekend writing warrior blog hop click the button!

 A Flip of a Coin is a project I’ve been working on for the past year or so (a NaNoWriMo love child). Last week’s post began the adventure with Chris, a thief, about to enter a burning cathedral to steal the precious artefacts within. 

Throwing his shoulder against the wooden door Chris entered the burning building, counting his steps from the door to the altar located in the middle of the cathedral. Beautifully painted murals depicting scenes of the Gods now turned sinister as the flames corrupted their angelic faces to demonic ghouls. Through the smoke, the overpowering figure standing over him; reaching for the dagger tucked into his belt,  he stopped when he recognised it was the cast iron statue of the Goddess the Mages worshipped. The meaning of the encounter didn’t escape him; he faced the Goddess of Death as he stole from their burning home.

Fighting to breathe through the smoke, he forced his muscles to press on; lifting a burnt rug revealing a hidden door, then discreetly slipping down the narrow staircase. Finding a torch to light, he discovered a room with crates and barrels, spotting a small stone altar tucked away in the corner. A vase with a wilted flower sat on the dusty stone altar next to a blue bundled of cloth. Carefully pulling the corners of the cloth he smiled at the prize; a tarnished golden bell with a crafted swan on its handle. He couldn’t read the engraved symbols but he felt they held great importance. He didn’t know why his anonymous client wanted the bell, but a happy client meant a paying client and a paying client, in turn, made Chris happy.

A Flip of a Coin Synopsis: 

Chris, a charismatic thief falls victim to his own curiosity as he stumbles upon gruesome crimes in the back alleys of Lollardum’s slums. Convinced the crimes will spark a race war between Mages and Innocents (those who do not use magic), he enlists his best friend to investigate and prevent the crimes and fear from spreading to the rest of the continent. But as any thief knows, luck and circumstances can change with a flip of a coin.


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