A Flip of a Coin Snippet 05/05/18

Good Weekend to you all! It’s time for the Weekend Writing Warrior Blog Hop. It’s a magical time of the week where writers post snippets of their writing for others to read, enjoy and discover. By all means, check out the linky link below, then visit, read, and comment and away you go.

This week I’m continuing with my short novel A Flip of a Coin. As a quick recap: Chris the charismatic thief who loves all things that sparkle stole a priceless artefact from a Mage Cathredal for his anonymous client. He escaped the burning building as the roof collapsed. Standing in the mud, he notices the blood from the Mage Priest the mob had attacked earlier. His memory drifts to his first encounter with a Mage as a young boy. (Also note it’s highly edited to fit restrictions)

Chris watched his neighbours swarm the Mage traveller; Chris, being a child, cowered behind boxes listening to bones break and watching blood decorate the street. They moved his broken body to an alley leaning him against over flowing garbage cans. Standing over the Mage, noting his laboured breathing and bloody coughing fits, he had hundreds of questions but his mouth couldn’t decide which one to ask.

“Take a seat boy,” the Mage motioned next to him, “don’t be afraid, the Gods always reward those who follow the path of light with Eternal peace, love, and safety. We shall be reunited with our Holy Family and bathe in their light- it’s what we all dream of.”

“I think people ’round here rather have food to eat,” Chris mumbled.

The Mage gave a small laugh, “you think too much of the body, you need to think of your spirit and your heart.”

“But my stomach is louder than my heart,” he frowned trying to remember his last meal.

“My poor boy, do not close your soul off to the Gods or you will suffer the path of darkness, dying alone and without mercy from the Goddess.”

That night he watched the Mage die; not understanding the path of light he preached but fully realizing that in the poor side of Lollardum, everyone dies without mercy and alone.

Thanks for stopping by! I’m currently posting this from my phone because yesterday’s wind storm knocked out our power. I hope it comes back soon, a morning without my tea is a sad morning indeed.


13 thoughts on “A Flip of a Coin Snippet 05/05/18

  1. The poor side of Lollardom sounds like a tough place to live. Tough memory to relive. I wonder how profoundly this character has been affected by that encounter with the old mage…


  2. How awful for a young boy to witness death like that. I agree about the Mage talking so much when he was mortally wounded. Good snippet.


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