A Thief’s Wager (3)- How ’bout just the wine

Welcome back to the weekend blog hop where writers post 8-10 sentence snippets of their work in progress. It’s a great opportunity to discover what people are writing, show your appreciation, and tell your story (if you choose). Check out this week’s participants and go where your heart desires.

This we continue to follow Chris after last week’s snippet. Chris is drinking at his favourite tavern, the Painted Horse, owned by his old gang boss Flann. We learn Chris managed to buy his freedom from the gang but still associates with his old friends. His oldest friend being the bar manager Julie. As he contemplates the item he stole from the cathedral and searching for another job, Julie comes to take his order.

“What will it be today?”

“Julie, my little turtle dove,” Chris smiled as she pursed her lips. She hated pet names, but he couldn’t resist. “Slow day my sparkling jewel?”

“Yeah, the usual?” She pushed a rebellious black lock of hair behind her ear.

“You know it and a side of that pretty face of yours to go with me tonight.”

“How ’bout just the wine,” she said tiredly, having heard the same line before.

“Is that all?” he winked, flashing her his charming smile.

“You better stick with the wine.”

So, Chris flirts with everyone, sometimes he wins sometimes he loses but it doesn’t stop him from playing the game. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a great weekend/week!

*Previously titled as ‘A Flip of a Coin’

Read Chapter One here.

3 thoughts on “A Thief’s Wager (3)- How ’bout just the wine

  1. Diane Burton

    Nancy nailed the difference in this scene between the two of them–one exhausted (and probably has heard every hook-up line ever said) and the other a flirt. Great scene.


  2. nancygideon

    I love her weary attitude and his determined attempt at flirtation. It seems like a comfortable interaction for them that I hope will become more!


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