A Flip of a Coin Snippet 05/19/18

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Previously from A Flip of a Coin.

Chris had successfully acquired a relic from an ancient Mage cathedral for his employer and after flirting with the bar manager he notices strangers in the tavern.


Chris drank his wine, his interest in the strangers growing with every mouthful. He noticed they were dressed like the rest of the scoundrels who called the theatre district home, but Julie was right, they were too clean to belong.Their clothes, resembling the fashion of the poor and downtrodden, didn’t have any patches nor appeared worn in any way. Their facial hair was carefully manicured and their shoes were new and polished.

“Bar wrench!” he called to Julie.

“I told you to stop calling me that!”

“I know, but I just love that face you make,” he smiled at her scowling expression. “What’re the blue bloods doing here?” he whispered, using the slang word for the richer class. It was always suspicious when the rich found their way into their neck of the woods.

“I dunno, but by the sounds of ruckus upstairs Flann isn’t happy with what their boss has to say.” she motioned to the second floor where muffled shouts from Flann’s private apartments floated downstairs.


Thanks for joining me this week! It’s a long weekend here in so I may be out of touch.  I hope you all have a great weekend nonetheless.


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  1. Interesting, loved the details of how the strangers tried to blend in but really messed up on the attempt. And of course I’m wondering what’s going on…very effective snippet.


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