A Flip of a Coin Snippet 06/30/18

Happy Canada day everyone! And to those lovely people residing outside Canuckistan happy Sunday blog hop! For those who don’t know (and want to be in the know) the Sunday blog hop facilities writers wanting to share their work with the world. They post 8-10 sentence snippets from a WIP every Sunday. Click the button below to see a list of participants, click on the linky link and away you go. Don’t forget to comment, like, or follow.

My struggle with technology continues (perhaps it’s for the best I don’t write sci-fi. I’ll be the first casualty if the ship AI takes over). I had issues posting my current blog post (#9) last week. Long story short I did last minute edits, went to bed thinking my post was ready to be posted. But as I slept my post had a different idea. Here is a link Flip of a Coin #9 to my previous post if you will like to read it. If not on with the show.

A Flip of a Coin: Chris finds Mister Bayliss’s home, noting a light on upstairs he decides to investigate. Climbing the brick wall surrounding the house, he reaches the top as the balcony doors swing open. Two men step into the evening air with drinks and cigars in their hands. Chris hides amid the branches of a nearby tree, eavesdropping on the conversation. An older dignified man addresses the younger; John Bayliss. (note, this is heavily edited to fit the requirements)


“John, what you propose is an intriguing matter,” said the old man, blowing smoke rings into the darkness. “How do you know your benefactor will succeed?”

“I have a lot of faith in his abilities and influence over this kingdom. If he desires a thing he gets it, simple as that.”

“I do not feel comfortable with this endeavour of yours, I must think of my name and my family.”

“There are risks in every investment, Martin. Will you throw away international fame because you are too scared to take the chance?”

“When you get to be my age you learn to recognise a bad idea when you hear it.” The man coughs continuing once he catches his breath, “I may not be able to fund you but I will confer with my colleagues may be they are willing to accept your radical ideas.”

“Thank you, Martin,” John smiles, “I appreciate it.”



So Bayliss is working for another, possible criminal mastermind. Seems like everyone is a pawn for someone else. With that, it is time to continue the Canada day celebrations on my end. I hope you all have a great and safe weekend!


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