A Flip of a Coin Snippet 07/07/18

Happy Weekend all! The week has been rather busy, mainly getting caught up on everything that was sidelined from the Canada Day celebrations. A dear friend of mine was in town and we celebrated Canada Day at Parliament Hill. Usually, I’m in another city working all summer but this summer I decided to do things differently and enjoy time with friends and loved ones. The concert on the Hill was fun despite the epic journey to the location. Although the line was short and security painless the walk in the heat wave was brutal. Not to mention the gate was at the opposite end of the Hill, so we had to go through security, and walk the direction you came (but this time on the other side of the fence) to the concert location. It was a pain in my behind. But with all said and done it was a good concert and the fireworks were amazing. 

Anyway, on with the Weekend Writing Warrior Blog Hop! I encourage you to click the button below to view the other participants. According to the rules, 8- 10 sentence snippets are posted from a work in progress or a soon to be released work. It’s a great community with a lot of talented people, so go check it out and don’t forget to comment, like or subscribe! 

I am continuing with A Flip of a Coin and the much anticipated ‘what’s in Bayliss’s basement of horrors?’ scene. Chris sneaks into the house, after exploring he makes his way into the kitchen where he pockets some silverware and a gravy boat. He hears a maid come down the stairs and decides to hide in the basement. Not wanting to waste an opportunity he investigates the basement. Once he slips a few bottles of wine from the cellar into his bag he discovers a door that is locked. (Note: edited to comply with rules).

The lock only took a moment for his expert hands to pick. His victorious smile dissipates as a stench of rotting meat and blood flood his nostrils. He regrets lighting the candles near the door, which reveals a table with an unnerving red-stained white sheet draped over it. A mix of brown, yellow and red smears coat the painted white walls. What frightens him was a drain in the centre of the floor which makes a gruesome gurgling sound as liquid trickles down the grate.

He feels the blood drain from his face as he pushes his feet towards the table; cursing his curiosity he recognizes the rancid smell originating from under the ghostly sheet. Grabbing the corner, he counts to three, whipping the sheet from the table; it floats like a ghost to the floor. A young woman’s bruised body lays still; under the blood and mud, he notices her short blond hair and angelic face.

Of all the things he found in rich people’s basements, a dead body was a first.

“What the fuck?”


Thanks for reading, hope I haven’t steered too many of you away with the dead body. There was a lot more I wanted to add (mainly the wine cellar) but I needed to stick to the rules. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week. 


16 thoughts on “A Flip of a Coin Snippet 07/07/18

  1. He’s certainly committed, I give him that, but having worked around those smells more than I wished to (hospital housekeeping), I can tell you that if I’m not getting paid, I’m peacing out. Breaking and entering isn’t unionized!!

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  2. Such a wonderfully aromatic snippet! 😉 Since I have two sons in Toronto, I’ve wandered as far as Ottawa a few times — and I was there once for Canada Day. Didn’t get to any concerts, though.


  3. I would not have moved that sheet! o.O
    Get out, get out! Don’t let the person who put that body there catch you!

    Sounds like a great concert, despite the heat. I feel your pain, I’m in Central Texas, which is the armpit of Hell in the summer–hot and muggy.


  4. I don’t think I would have stuck around to find out what was under that sheet. I wonder what he’ll do next.


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