A Thief’s Wager (11)- The Scholar

Greetings everyone, welcome back! Thank you all for your feedback last week. I’m happy with the response, it lets me know I am on track with the emotional response I am hoping for. So a big thank you. Make sure you visit the rest of the participants and see their 8-10 sentence snippets for the Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop. Check out the amazing talent and don’t forget to come back every Sunday for more.

This week we are following Chris as he gets deeper into the tormented underbelly of Lollardum. I am moving beyond the basement of horrors (don’t worry for those who want to know more, we are not done with it yet). The following is a scene involving Chris and his secret employer who paid for the Mage relic Chris stole in the first chapter. The snippet begins with him entering Lord Sexton’s office.

Chris tossed the satchel on the polished desk, slumping in the chair without waiting for permission. Lord Sexton adjusted his wire-framed glasses before pulling out the wrapped artefact, gazing at it with hungry wolfish eyes.

“I was surprised to hear the cathedral was set on fire and destroyed. I am honored you would go to such extremes for the cause.”

“And here I thought my ego was big.” Chris joked, “I will do many things, but I’m not about to set fires putting people’s lives in danger. There’re enough folks out there who will kill ya, I don’t need to add to it.

“You don’t believe in killing people? Not even murderers or criminals?”

He fidgeted in the chair, the unsettling turn of the conversation was unorthodox, even for him.

Looks like Chris is meeting a lot of interesting people lately. I think for next week I will put Chris on hold and introduce one of the other main characters. I do love Chris but I must continue to weave the web this story demands. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are all having a great weekend.

*Previously titled as ‘A Flip of a Coin’

Read Chapter One here.

19 thoughts on “A Thief’s Wager (11)- The Scholar

    1. Thank you, he generally goes with the flow but theres events even he can’t ignore. Especially when the are originating in the rich class which historically has the most power over the kingdom.


  1. Uh oh, any conversation that turns so rapidly to killing isn’t exactly a good sign for the future, I’d say. This story sure keeps us on our toes with the twists and turns. Great snippet!


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