A Thief’s Wager (14)- Fire Fire Burning Bright

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Continuing from last week, Chris is in a dark basement spying on the confrontation between the Lord (I have questionable motives) Bayliss and a Mage he holds captive. The Mage holds his staff and prepares to take revenge on his captor.

The Mage moves the garnet on his staff across the floor as if lighting a match. Fire ignites, waiting above the gem before he sends a river of flames at Bayliss. Red and purple light explode, filling the room causing Chris to duck to protect his eyes. When it fades, Bayliss stands unharmed and void of sear marks. He laughs, the same wild laugh as before, pointing his palm at the Mage. A purple light, less intense as the first, shoots from the ring on his index finger, sending orangish red flames cascading at the Mage. Holding his staff in the defensive stance, Chris saw before, his barrier fizzles; too weak to summon the required magic to protect himself. He’s engulfed by flames, his chilling high pitched scream echoes into the hallway. Bayliss laughs, emptying a bucket of water over the Mage.

“I think that is enough for tonight,” he grins dragging the man to the wall and securing him in chains.

All right, that is it, for now, hope to see you all next week for the next instalment. And no I haven’t forgotten about the shiny knight, I promise he will be back soon. But I want to say thank you for your comments and praise, this is a very supportive community and you are all awesome!

*Previously titled as ‘A Flip of a Coin’

Read Chapter One here.

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    1. I’m working on the idea that his ring reflects magic. He has none of his own. Its ancient craft of infusing magic into special receptive objects. But the question is how did a nob like Bayliss come across it.


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