A Thief’s Wager (16)- Through a Rabbit Hole

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We continue from last week’s discovery and conversation between Chris and the Mage Priest. But their conversation is interrupted by footsteps in the corridor. His body hesitates as the Mage urges him to escape.

“Aren’t you going to ask me to save you?” He asks out of politeness but a minuscule part of him feels, maybe, the world will be better off without Mages.

“The Gods have their plans; we walk their path,” the Mage coughs again. “Now climb through that window there, you’re small enough.”

The footsteps approach and Chris’s body leaps into action. His fingers rip the black paper covering the window, pushing open the glass, he squeezes through the narrow window as the door opens. He doesn’t wait to hear what happens next, he runs through the servant’s gate. Soldiers on patrol order him to stop but his heart pounds in his chest and his feet don’t stop until he reaches the theatre district.  

With our thief free from the clutches of Bayliss I think I can finally enjoy a cup of tea in peace. Make sure you come back next week, we still have our favourite knight wandering the streets looking for information on the Mage radical group. So return and see what demons he meets in the alleyways. 

*Previously titled as ‘A Flip of a Coin’

Read Chapter One here.

12 thoughts on “A Thief’s Wager (16)- Through a Rabbit Hole

  1. julieevelynjoyce

    Love the action in this scene! Great description throughout, too. You’ve certainly got me on the edge of my seat. 🙂


    1. I’m glad you’re interested in the Mages. I chose to outline the process of their capture in the novel by showing snippets of Chris discovering different asspects of Bayliss’s plan. Instead of following a single mage (I thought it might be too gruesome to write). But don’t worry there is a special character coming in the next few weeks that you may statisfy your mage curiosity.

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