A Thief’s Wager (17)- Fool in the Alleyway

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This week we follow Zack, who is on special assignment from king Avalon to investigate king Castellan’s claims of Mage radicals threatening his kingdom. It’s dark and he wanders through the theatre district. Because of the growing fear of Mages, his once valuable contacts refuse to get involved.

His assignment was proving a failure. He kicks an empty crate, scaring a stray cat in the alley. Absorbed with his own self-defeat he doesn’t notice the figure following him in the shadows. The stalker’s thin lips curl as he steps from the darkness and slides his dagger to the knight’s throat. Zack grabs the hilt of his sword as his heart pounds in his chest as he waits for the man to twist the deadly blade.

“Now give me all you got” a deep raspy voice whispers in his ear. The dagger twitches, the jewels on the handle glimmer in the moonlight.

“Hand it over and I won’t tell your uncle how I bested you.”

“Chris, you bastard!”  He shouts recognizing the voice and dagger; he shoves the laughing thief into a nearby wall.

“You should’ve seen your face!”

Hope you enjoyed this weeks snippet! I decided to partake in NaNoWriMo this month so wish me luck. It’s a bit nerve-wracking since I decided to do this last minute.  I spend weeks planning a novel in perpetration but this year I am ‘just going with it’. Maybe it will be okay, I mean this story was a NaNoWriMo creation maybe something good will come out of my ramblings this month. Have a great week you all! I will see you next Sunday! 

*Previously titled as ‘A Flip of a Coin’

Read Chapter One here.

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