Our Affliction (3)- New Meat

Welcome back Weekend Writing Warriors! It’s time for another round of 8-10 line snippets. If you’re new then I suggest visiting the participants for a chance to discover something and someone new!

It’s that time again, another snippet from Our Affliction. This week is a continuation of the locker room scene from last week. As a recap the rugby team is gawking at Conor’s ‘tattoo.’

“Why would you pay for something so lame?” Lucas asks.
“At least get a tiger or a naked lady or something,” Matty adds.
“A naked lady? what is he, some crooked sailor?” Lucas smacks the back of Matty’s head. “But seriously a lock?”
I spin a story about last summer, a girl and getting the tattoo so she would kiss me. The guys think I’m some sort of ladies man but even this lie is better than the truth. Lucas walks with me to the dorms, the macho bravado continues through the gravel path and pumpkin coloured  leaves. Outside the girl’s dorm he points to an old dented black Packard Twin Six parked on the side of the road. Students aren’t allowed to drive so seeing one at the dorms means only one thing:
“New meat,” he grins.

We’ll that’s it for this week, stay tuned to discover the rest of the secrets the students hide. Until next time, be safe everyone!

Story Synopsis:
Memories. An Inspiration. A Curse.
Between sports, school work, his tutoring and being the family peacekeeper, Conor has no time to dwell on the past. But when a new girl arrives to Esterhaven in the middle of first semester she not only brings the heart wrenching past to life but also unlocks a danger seething inside him.

Natalie, having limited contact with people her age, struggles with adopting to life at the prestigious boarding school. She longs to live in the moment, meet friends and have hobbies like her peers. But something inside her holds her back. A curse, which plagued her from childhood, challenges her need for normalcy. But when murder interrupts her first week of classes she can’t help but feel responsible. After all, death follows her everywhere.

Our Affliction is my current WIP which was created in the vein of Beauty and the Beast meets time travel.

*Previously titled: Locked Away

Update: Full Prologue can be found here

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  1. Quick thinking on his feet. Cover a story with getting close to scoring and all is forgiven. But one lie can lead to difficulties later, especially when it leads to challenges.


  2. Author Jessica E. Subject

    Sounds a bit scary for whoever the new person is, but intriguing at the same time.


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