Our Affliction (7)- All of Them?

Welcome to another round of Weekend Writing Warriors Sunday snippets! I look forward to this all week. I enjoy reading all your stories and seeing what you’re working on. If you’re new I suggest you check out the rest of the participants. There’s a lot of talent on the list and a story for everyone!

This week’s 8-10 line snippet has Natalie and Conor meeting for the first time. Conor takes over Lucas’s tutor session while he visits his girlfriend. He discovers that he is to tutor the new girl, Natalie, in Lucas’s place. The snippet follows after Mr. Parish speaks with him and Natalie walks into the room. This is from Conor’s POV. 

The new girl from English class hesitantly walks towards us.

“Natalie, this is Conor.” Mr Parish smiles, “he’ll help you today.”

Once he leaves she sits across from me fidgeting with her necklace; a long glass like key at the end of a silver chain. But the charm looks like it was broken and glued together by someone who never saw a key before.

“What happened to Lucas?” Her voice is soft and timid.

“He had a different appointment. Don’t worry though, I’m pretty good at math so I’ll be able to help you. What problem were you having trouble with?”

“All of them.”

All of them?

“I’ve been… sick, spent the last few years at a hospital.” She mumbled staring at the key in her hand.

Here marks the end of the WWW lines. But I included the rest of the scene below. Natalie is a quick learner but near the end of the lesson she gets frustrated and stops trying. Here is what happens next:

“Com’n Nat, you know this,”

“Don’t call me Nat. It’s Natalie.” Her pink lips tremble but her eyes flash with anger; the chair shudders as it slides across the wax floor. “Go away. I hate this. Don’t talk to me again!”

She runs from the room clutching her books to her chest. Feeling everyone’s eyes on my back I shove my books in my bag and try to catch her. She’s nowhere in the corridors, the classrooms are empty and I even listen outside the girls lavatory in case she’s crying inside. I didn’t mean to upset her. Whatever I did. It’s getting dark. I just hope she’s safe in her dorm and not lost somewhere on campus.

Conor’s impromptu tutor session didn’t go the way he intended. As evening sets in over the campus he races to find her before she’s lost in the woodland surrounding Esterhaven. Come back next week to find out if he finds her or if he leaves her behind. Until next time, stay safe!

*Previously titled: Locked Away

Update: Full Prologue can be found here

18 thoughts on “Our Affliction (7)- All of Them?

  1. julieevelynjoyce

    I have a feeling he’ll track her down. I don’t blame her for running away from math work. I’ve done the same all my life lol. Great snippet!

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  2. Math was my best subject at school, but I can sympathize with people who struggle, you either get it or you don’t. However I get the feeling that is not what’s really troubling her.

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  3. Author Jessica E. Subject

    Yikes! Not a good first session. I hope Connor can make a better impression next time if he gets the chance.

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