Our Affliction (10)- Welcome Old Friend

Greetings fellow warriors and a warm welcome to all! It’s time for another exciting round of blog hopping. For those just joining us the WWW is a weekly blog hop where writers post 8-10 lines from their work. It’s a great community with many supportive and talented people.

Guess what guys (I know it’s a bit early) but a new shiny idea for this year’s Nanowrimo popped into my head the other night and I can’t wait to plot it out! I know I have a half a dozen other writing projects (and job hunting) to do…but still— shiny new idea! Anyway, I must curb my enthusiasm and focus on my other projects that need some TLC.

I’m sharing a snippet I originally cut from the blog post line up. But because the rules are relaxed (Thanks Teresa!) I decided to switch my posts around and include this one. This scene follows after last weeks post. Conor walked her to the dorm (because he needs to settle a dispute between his bickering sisters). Natalie continues to her room, here she’s in bed reflecting on their reunion.

I curl into my blankets ensuring every inch is sealed around my body then stare out the window. My fingers seek the comfort of the key hanging around my neck; absentmindedly I roll the object between them. I can’t believe he’s here. He was just a person occupying a space in my memory until now. A black shadow flutters across my window. From the corner of my eye I see the wings flutter upward then the black bird perches on a tree outside the dorms. I was wondering if I’ll see you again. I smile, finally a friend. My fingers grip the key; it wants me to remember. It’s not like I can forget. 

Now a few extra lines:

We were digging a garden for his Ma. The sun was heating up my back as my hands dig through the soft cold earth. The smell of dirt, flowers and rubber from the car beside us mixes with his Ma’s cooking drifting through the open window. He’s talking fast, excited about the garden his Ma doesn’t know she’s getting. My fingers touch something hard. Like a rock but smoother. As I brush away the clay the metal roundness reveals itself to me. My nails trace the outside of it, the dirt gives way and the tiny ball rolls at my knees. Conor looks enthralled as it lays among the dirt clumps, grass and roots. 
“What is it?” I ask. 
“Dunno.”  I picked it up and my whole world changed. 

I hate to leave you at a cliff hanger but make sure you visit next week for the rest. Until next time, stay safe everyone.

*Previously titled: Locked Away

Update: Full Prologue can be found here

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  1. Boy, that’s some cliffhanger! My mind runs from the macabre to the sweet to the mundane. Which will it be? What is it that changes her world? Great snippet!


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