Our Affliction (14)- Gossip and Breakfast

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Today we’re continuing from last week’s shocking discovery and follow Natalie as she gathers more information about the attack. Before this scene the Headmistress had confirmed the student was Siobhan and she was taken to the infirmary in critical condition. Also the police are now on campus conducting witness interviews. For now, we follow Natalie (POV) and Anne at breakfast.

Students pack into the dinning hall and the air swells with whispers about the attack. Everyone is talking about it and I can’t eat. Even though I’m hungry enough to eat a horse. I can’t stop picturing it. Was it a snarling bear ripping her to shreds? Maybe a cloaked figure trying to steal her away in the shadows? Each time I think about the smiling face that greeted me that first day screaming in fear my stomach sinks.  

“Hey Anne!” The empty chair besides me slides back and Conor slaps his tray on the table. “Oh Natalie? You know Anne?”

And now for a bit more of the conversation:

“She is my painting partner,” Anne states.

“I joined Art club yesterday…” I mumble.

“Sounds fun, I guess.” He looks tired like he hasn’t slept. “I heard about Siobhan…I wanted to make sure you’re okay. You weren’t outside last night were you?”

“At night? Never. I finished my readings and worked on the puzzle.”

“I spoke to Ginny and she says she was in the library last night and watched Siobhan leave. That was the last time she saw her.”

“Did she seem unusual to… Ginny?” I ask. 

“She seemed normal I guess. She told Ginny she was heading to her dorm.”

“Natalie said she didn’t see her. That she didn’t return to her room last night.”

“Oh?” he bites his toast.

“Siobhan is her roommate.”

“Oh….” he swallows, “what was she doing outside after dark?”

“I dunno,” I reply.

“How is Lucas taking it?”

“Lucas?” I ask.

“Her boyfriend.” Anne responds.

Well it seems gossip is sailing though the dinning hall. On top of that Siobhan is dating Conor’s jerk of a roommate/teammate Lucas. I wonder where he was the night before? Visit next week as the mystery unfolds. Until then, stay safe!

*Previously titled: Locked Away

Update: Full Prologue can be found here

16 thoughts on “Our Affliction (14)- Gossip and Breakfast

  1. nancygideon

    Well done, Brittany! The characters feel very natural in their actions and responses as the mystery builds. Looking forward to more!

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  2. The dialogue is so smooth and sounds so natural. Nicely done!

    I’m glad Siobhan is alive, but if whoever did this is aware, they might be thinking they need to silence her for good before she can lay blame. That is, unless it is something supernatural…

    SO many questions. Good writing!


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