Our Affliction (15)- Tangled Lies

Long time no see Weekend Writing Warriors! Sorry I was MIA lately. Last week I pushed through a final edit to send out to betas. The good news is After Treason, the first of four in my fantasy series is finally ready for new eyes! It’s been an eternity in the making but I did it! Anyway, I think I got caught up with all your lovely snippets and I’m primed for this week’s blog hop. As usual, I’ve included the new 8-10 line snippet and I encourage the newcomers to visit the rest of the this weekend’s participants.

To recap what we know so far: Siobhan, Natalie’s roommate, was attacked the previous night. Natalie, Conor and his sister, Anne, discuss the gossip at breakfast. What the girls’ are unaware of is Conor’s nightmare (the night before) depicting an violent attack and a monster in the forest. We’re continuing the scene after Conor informed them the detective is questioning Siobhan’s boyfriend Lucas. This is in Natalie’s POV.

“What do they want with him?” I asked.
“Probably to see if she told him anything that could help catch who did it. I feel bad for him. He really loved her.” Anne snorts. “He does.” She looks skeptical and if Lucas is the guy in the vision I saw then so am I. “Whatever. What do you know about it.”
“I know the detectives in G.K Chesterton stories, always suspect the lover.”

That’s 10 lines. But here’s a bit more:

“Lucas wouldn’t hurt anyone!” He protests.
“I guess so. He’s your roommate. I bet he was with you all night.” Anne returns to her book.
“Yeah, we were studying. We have Mrs. Atwood’s paper on the Raven due.” My spoon slips from my hand and clangs against the plate. His once soft eyes harden as he stares into mine.
“Sorry, fingers slipped.” I mumble. He returns to his plate and shovels eggs into his mouth. I barely know Lucas but the math kid, who chomps his gum, isn’t in our English class. Why did Conor lie? 

Lying to your friends is never productive. It’s a lesson Conor may have to learn the hard way. But will it be too late?

It’s time to throw on my editor’s hat again and start editing the next WIP (hint: it’s this very story). No rest for the wicked (or is it weary?). Thanks for stopping by this week, and until next time, stay safe everyone!

*Previously titled: Locked Away

Update: Full Prologue can be found here

15 thoughts on “Our Affliction (15)- Tangled Lies

  1. julieevelynjoyce

    Welcome back, and congrats on releasing your baby to the beta readers! That’s always a great feeling, isn’t it?

    Nice snippet this week as well. We’re learning more and more about these characters as we go along. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Julie! I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders. Also, there’s this new determinism- like if I did one then I can do another! It’s a strange energy I have not felt in a long time.


  2. nancygideon

    Interesting dynamics! I feel your pain i.e. getting this baby out the door. Seems like they’ll never leave the nest, doesn’t it? Glad to have you back, Brittany!

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