Our Affliction (17)- Tears and Handkerchiefs

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This week I’m continuing with the rest of Natalie’s vision. If you recall she has been transported into Siobhan’s memories. We ended with her asking her boyfriend Lucas if he loved her. This is Natalie’s POV. Lucas is the first speaker.

“Siobhan, I do love you,” he gnaws at his nails staring over his shoulder. 
“Then you love her more?” 
“I don’t love her at all.” 
“I don’t understand, she said you did things… things you’re only supposed to do with people you love.” 
“For God sake Siobhan it’s not the eighteen hundreds. It’s a new century stop acting like our grandmothers. So I kissed her. Lots of guys kiss other girls. If you loved me you would accept me for who I am… dammit! Why are you so intolerable?”

That’s ten, scene continued below:

She doesn’t answer and he continues unaware of the tears in her eyes. “You don’t have to ask stupid questions like that. I’m with you aren’t I? What more do ya want?” She reaches over and plucks her handkerchief from her feet and dries her eyes. “Oh great! She’s crying again!” he exclaims with arms in the air. 

The air around me shudders and my head feels like it’s being squeezed together. My limbs twist in different directions, like I’m being pulled but before my body breaks my vision goes black.

After this scene, Natalie wakes up on the floor in her dorm. She notices it is late and Siobhan hasn’t returned to the room. Despite her search her roommate can’t be found. It is the same night Siobhan is attacked.

The lives of the students are getting a bit more complicated. But the answer remains, who attacked Siobhan and how does Natalie untangle the mysteries surrounding Conor. Sadly this is the last post for this story but if you want to read more then visit the chapter sample or if that’s not enough follow along on Wattpad! Until next time, stay safe!

*Previously titled: Locked Away

Update: Full Prologue can be found here

9 thoughts on “Our Affliction (17)- Tears and Handkerchiefs

  1. I think you do a marvelous job of writing his character. He isn’t very likable. But at the same time, that does not make him murderer material, Might be a purposeful misdirection, though. 😉 Good writing!

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  2. Oh dear, he sounds like a loser to me, at least in this vision. Poor Natalie, now being the possessor of all this information and background…but it’s sure making for an intriguing story. Great snippet!


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