Shifting Sands (1)- The Battle Arena

Hello all! Welcome back to another round of Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop. Forgive my absence over the last bit, life interrupted my muse and I used an impromptu vacation over Labor Day weekend to recharge and pivot direction. But I am back this week, rejuvenated and ready to post those 8-10 line snippets we look forward to each week. Please don’t forget to check out the rest of this week’s participants once you finish here. There’s a lot of talent on the list and I’m sure you’ll find something new and exciting to dig your teeth into.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m switching gears and sadly leaving Our Affliction behind. It’s not gone forever, it’s just stalled in rewriting purgatory. I reached that (not so) sweet spot where editing and snippet posts collided and I’m at an impasse. Today, I’m pulling a story out of the forgotten drafts to share with you instead. I’m returning to my old hunting grounds (as it were) and introducing a companion story to my ‘Battle for Umara‘ series. It’s a parallel to the novella Flip of a Coin, but is set in a separate kingdom.

Ambrose’s body slammed against the hard compact dirt of the dueling arena. A dull pain pulled between her shoulder blades as she rolled to her side. It was the end of year practical examination and she desperately wanted to pass. She forced her body to its feet, refusing to give in to the voice that told her to quit while she was ahead. But the problem was, she wasn’t ahead. In fact she was behind and her partner Bryden had been doing most of the work. Her manipulations only bought enough time for him to summon more powerful attacks. He was the top of the class, although she was third out of twenty, it felt like dead last compared to him. She squeezed her staff, feeling the polished wood handle under her calloused hands; time to show them she was more than the poor charity case, she felt she was. Bryden was busy dueling Clay to her right, which left Evi for her.

Potential Blurb:
In Umara, two races dominate the continent. Mages, those who possess the ability to harness magic, and Innocents, those who can’t. Never is this divide greater than the Kingdom of Ancients. Here the Mages serve the Gods while the Innocents serve the Mages.

Ambrose, a Mage at the prestigious Academy, struggles to reach the top academic ranks. Wanting a break from her studies she volunteers to escort an disgraced official through the campus to a secret meeting with the headmistress.  Little does she know he will set her on a dangerous path as she stumbles on the Council’s terrible new enterprise. 

Caught in the middle is Rebekah, a servant to the powerful Mage Chancellor, who dreams of her freedom beyond the sand dunes. However, Innocents are owned by their masters and few free their servants on their own accord. Chancellor Godfrey isn’t an exception. If she wants out, she’s on her own. But the Council halls hold deadly whispers and one misstep spells disaster.

Can both girls survive the desert and make it out of the kingdom alive? Or is their fate as precarious as the sand under their feet?

Thanks for stopping by this week! Stay safe everyone and we’ll see you soon!

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