Shifting Sands (3)- A Tangled Offensive

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I ask you to bear with me this week since I’m typing one handed (and being a lefty- it makes the world more trickier to navigate). I (somehow) managed to slice my palm while cutting bread and after securing a box of “waterproof” band aids I’m on the mend. Let’s just say I’m so ready for this week to be over. There’s a tall cold beverage with my name on it.

This week I’m continuing with my fantasy novella, Shifting Sands. We are in amidst of a duel with our MC, Ambrose, and a rival student during the end of year practical examinations. Last week Ambrose was preparing a defense against Evi’s attack.

Evi shut her eyes, raising her staff skyward, as a deep mumble beneath Ambrose’s feet bubbled to the surface. The arena floor burst open as whipping roots claw upwards before abruptly  descending towards her. As they close the gap between her and Evi, she points the flickering flame at her target.

 It’s now or never. 

Her palms grew hot and flames exploded from the gemstone; licking through air. The searing roots slither through the flames, but crumble in grey ash inches before her face. Pulling the staff behind her, the flames follow, as if tied on a string. Flicking her wrist, the movement forced the flowing fire to constrict into a long rope which she whipped towards her opponent.  Evi didn’t have time to counter, she watched the fire snake across the air and wrap around her staff.  She screams as the orange flames lick her porcelain flesh.

That’s ten, here’s a bit more:

Ambrose yanks the staff from her hand, sending it flying a few meters from its owner. A horn sounds from the stands, signaling her opponent is disarmed; ending the duel. 

For those who wish to know, Evi isn’t a gracious loser. But their rivalry is still under development. When I first wrote this story I was more focused on pushing the plot forward and establishing the world politics. But as I edit this, I think this relationship is something I should pursue. Anyway that’s it for now, make sure you visit next week: there’s a dark stranger in Ambrose’s future and I’m dying to introduce him. Until next time, stay safe all!

10 thoughts on “Shifting Sands (3)- A Tangled Offensive

  1. An intense scene. Such interesting weapons!
    I got a nasty cut on my thumb trying to open a can with my crappy can opener. I wrapped a paper towel around it while I got a band-aid and the paper towel looked like I’d dabbed up the blood from a package of meat. It looked worse than it was. It’s almost healed now, but I really need to get a better can opener.
    ~Cie from Naughty Netherworld Press and Readers Roost~

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  2. nancygideon

    Ouch!! Being someone who knows how hard it is to be one handed (a temporary thing thankfully!) I feel your pain and frustration. As for this scene – fabulous descriptions carry a reader right through it holding their breath. Nice job!! Definitely pursue the relationship!!

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  3. Strong details help to bring this scene to life, something that isn’t always easy in fantasy because the action has no parallel in the world we know. You might want to watch your tenses, though. You alternate between present and past.

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