Shifting Sands (4) What did you call me?

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This is a very exciting weekend because here in Canada-land it’s Thanksgiving! Although it’s a bit different this year, and I’m far from family, I’m still getting my turkey, mash potatoes and gravy! (Sorry Jeff, I don’t mean to rub it in but) it’s going to be delicious. It might be the little pick me up I need to cope with life.

I’m jumping a bit ahead to after the practical exams. The academic year is coming to a close and Ambrose’s friends, Bryden and Clayton, sit at a table discussing their summer plans. Ambrose explains she’s helping her father run his market stand over the holiday. Bryden is taking advantage of his father’s connections in the Council to network for future employment. But Clayton has other plans.


“You know who’s out there?” Clay asks with a devious sneer, “Moira.” She snorts fighting a laugh. “What’s so funny?”

“You!” She sips her tea. “Moira is one of the best Mages to come from the Academy. She mastered two elements by the time she was our age and she was first in line for Council Elect. And you really think you can defeat her?”

“She’s just another Mage—”

“I concur with Em,” Bryden’s steel voice cuts through the tension. “Despite her reputable past here at the Academy, she remains one of the most powerful Mages of our generation. To challenge her and to conceive the notion you can win is imprudent.”

And here’s the rest, picking up with Clay speaking:

“You’re just jealous I came up with the idea first.”
“I would never conceive such an idiotic plan.”
“What did you call me?”
“An idiot.” Bryden answers without hesitation.

8 thoughts on “Shifting Sands (4) What did you call me?

  1. Somehow I doubt this plan of hers will come to a good end.

    And Happy Thanksgiving. As a BCer transplanted to Arizona, let me say that October is a much better time for the holiday. The end of November is too darned close to Christmas.

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  2. Author Jessica E. Subject

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    It’s nice to see that Ambrose has that confidence even though others try to tell her she’ll never win.

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  3. nancygideon

    Love this convo, Brittany. So natural and revealing at the same time, They all make good points. Can’t wait to see what happens (I’m sure being prudent isn’t one of those things!)

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