A Flip of a Coin Snippet 08/04/18

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Continuing from last week, Chris is in a dark basement spying on the confrontation between the Lord (I have questionable motives) Bayliss and a Mage he holds captive. The Mage holds his staff and prepares to take revenge on his captor.


The Mage moves the garnet on his staff across the floor as if lighting a match. Fire ignites, waiting above the gem before he sends a river of flames at Bayliss. Red and purple light explode, filling the room causing Chris to duck to protect his eyes. When it fades, Bayliss stands unharmed and void of sear marks. He laughs, the same wild laugh as before, pointing his palm at the Mage. A purple light, less intense as the first, shoots from the ring on his index finger, sending orangish red flames cascading at the Mage. Holding his staff in the defensive stance, Chris saw before, his barrier fizzles; too weak to summon the required magic to protect himself. He’s engulfed by flames, his chilling high pitched scream echoes into the hallway. Bayliss laughs, emptying a bucket of water over the Mage.

“I think that is enough for tonight,” he grins dragging the man to the wall and securing him in chains.


All right, that is it, for now, hope to see you all next week for the next instalment. And no I haven’t forgotten about the shiny knight, I promise he will be back soon.

Sorry I didn’t get back to anyone last week. Life got busy and this rare momentum to push through an editing round of a manuscript inspired (and took over) my week. Good news is that only three chapters remain before I send it to beta readers. Scary news… is it is almost ready for beta readers. But I want to say thank you for your comments and praise, this is a very supportive community and you are all awesome!


A Flip of a Coin Snippet 07/28/18

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This week we join Chris who finds himself in Bayliss’s basement of horrors. Unable to shake the dead woman’s face from his nightmares (even after drinking Bayliss’s wine). Chris sneaks in during the night, bypassing the door where he found the dead body, he continues to another locked door. Peering through a small window on the door he notices its a torture chamber. (note: edited to fit guidelines).

Cries of pain echo, followed by a hauntingly unexpected maniacal laugh which forces a chill through his body. A wild looking Bayliss tosses a crumpled form of a man to the floor before grabbing a Mage staff from the table and tossing it at the man.

“Let’s do this again, give me your best shot,” Bayliss sneers. The man protests but Bayliss kicks him in the stomach. He groans, submitting to the demands, reaching for the staff. He is bleeding from his head, his face a mix of blue, green and purple and his legs shake from holding his own weight. In comparison, Bayliss looks smug, dirty but not harmed.

“Please, don’t make me do this,” he pleas, coughing up blood.

“Do it or I’ll start taking your limbs next, do you have a use for your left leg?” The Mage swallows, taking a deep breath, moving the staff to the attack position.


That’s it for this week, hope being back in the basement isn’t too much for a sunny weekend. Don’t worry Zack will be back soon I promise. Have a great weekend you all and be safe

A Flip of a Coin Snippet 07/20/18

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I am skipping ahead a bit this week. Based on your comments from last week, your suspicions are correct, Lord Sexton is as dangerous as you expect. The conversation ends with Chris (against better judgment but a sucker for money) agreeing to future work. This week I want to introduce a new character. Zack is a young knight and the Captain of the King’s Knights of Alexanderia. Alexanderia shares its border with Lollardum. The king of Alexanderia (Allan Avalon), General Lex Stone and Zack are in Lollardum for a conference. Lollardum’s king Castellan makes radical accusations, proclaiming to the court of lords that Mages are responsible for the Cathredal fire. He blames a pocket of Mage radicals for increasing violence in the kingdom. This scene follows with the characters from Alexanderia discussing the events. (As always, edited to fit guidelines)

They sat in armchairs while the king paced in front of an unlit fireplace.

“Is it true?” Zack asked; wishing he didn’t sound like a child.

“I’m not sure.” Allan answered slowly, “the Oath doesn’t allow Mages to kill innocent lives. Killing an Innocent in cold blood is punishable by death.”

“So, these Mages risked their own lives to kill the innocent? They sound like radicals to me.”

“Zack,” Lex interjected, “these laws are engrained in every Mage, it’s unlikely they will do what Castellan proclaims.”

“Perhaps, we should look into the matter while we are here.”

“How reliable are your contacts here?” Stone asked turning to the knight.

“Mine are good. I’ll figure out what we need to know.”



There you have it, on top of everything else, Chris has a knight investigating the horrific situation. I dare to think what happens when they meet. Thanks for joining me this week and I hope you all have a great weekend.

A Flip of a Coin Snippet 07/14/18

Greetings everyone, welcome back! Thank you all for your feedback last week. I’m happy with the response, it lets me know I am on track with the emotional response I am hoping for. So a big thank you. Make sure you click the button below to check out the rest of the participants and see their 8-10 sentence snippets for the Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop. Check out the amazing talent and don’t forget to come back every Sunday for more.

This week we are following Chris as he gets deeper into the tormented underbelly of Lollardum. I am moving beyond the basement of horrors (don’t worry for those who want to know more, we are not done with it yet). He does get out safely (this time). The following is a scene involving Chris and the man who paid him to steal the Mage relic from the cathedral at the beginning of the novel. He enters Lord Sexton’s office. (note: edited to fit guidelines and to get to the ‘good parts’).


Chris tossed the satchel on the polished desk, slumping in the chair without waiting for permission. Lord Sexton adjusted his wire-framed glasses before pulling out the wrapped artefact, gazing at it with hungry wolfish eyes.

“I was surprised to hear the cathedral was set on fire and destroyed. I am honoured you would go to such extremes for the cause.”

“And here I thought my ego was big.” Chris joked, “I will do many things, but I’m not about to set fires putting people’s lives in danger. There’re enough folks out there who will kill ya, I don’t need to add to it.

“You don’t believe in killing people? Not even murderers or criminals?”

He fidgeted in the chair, the unsettling turn of the conversation was unorthodox, even for him.


Looks like Chris is meeting a lot of interesting people lately. I think for next week I will put Chris on hold and introduce one of the other main characters. I do love Chris but I must continue to weave the web this story demands. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are all having a great weekend.


A Flip of a Coin Snippet 07/07/18

Happy Weekend all! The week has been rather busy, mainly getting caught up on everything that was sidelined from the Canada Day celebrations. A dear friend of mine was in town and we celebrated Canada Day at Parliament Hill. Usually, I’m in another city working all summer but this summer I decided to do things differently and enjoy time with friends and loved ones. The concert on the Hill was fun despite the epic journey to the location. Although the line was short and security painless the walk in the heat wave was brutal. Not to mention the gate was at the opposite end of the Hill, so we had to go through security, and walk the direction you came (but this time on the other side of the fence) to the concert location. It was a pain in my behind. But with all said and done it was a good concert and the fireworks were amazing. 

Anyway, on with the Weekend Writing Warrior Blog Hop! I encourage you to click the button below to view the other participants. According to the rules, 8- 10 sentence snippets are posted from a work in progress or a soon to be released work. It’s a great community with a lot of talented people, so go check it out and don’t forget to comment, like or subscribe! 

I am continuing with A Flip of a Coin and the much anticipated ‘what’s in Bayliss’s basement of horrors?’ scene. Chris sneaks into the house, after exploring he makes his way into the kitchen where he pockets some silverware and a gravy boat. He hears a maid come down the stairs and decides to hide in the basement. Not wanting to waste an opportunity he investigates the basement. Once he slips a few bottles of wine from the cellar into his bag he discovers a door that is locked. (Note: edited to comply with rules).

The lock only took a moment for his expert hands to pick. His victorious smile dissipates as a stench of rotting meat and blood flood his nostrils. He regrets lighting the candles near the door, which reveals a table with an unnerving red-stained white sheet draped over it. A mix of brown, yellow and red smears coat the painted white walls. What frightens him was a drain in the centre of the floor which makes a gruesome gurgling sound as liquid trickles down the grate.

He feels the blood drain from his face as he pushes his feet towards the table; cursing his curiosity he recognizes the rancid smell originating from under the ghostly sheet. Grabbing the corner, he counts to three, whipping the sheet from the table; it floats like a ghost to the floor. A young woman’s bruised body lays still; under the blood and mud, he notices her short blond hair and angelic face.

Of all the things he found in rich people’s basements, a dead body was a first.

“What the fuck?”


Thanks for reading, hope I haven’t steered too many of you away with the dead body. There was a lot more I wanted to add (mainly the wine cellar) but I needed to stick to the rules. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week. 

A Flip of a Coin Snippet 06/30/18

Happy Canada day everyone! And to those lovely people residing outside Canuckistan happy Sunday blog hop! For those who don’t know (and want to be in the know) the Sunday blog hop facilities writers wanting to share their work with the world. They post 8-10 sentence snippets from a WIP every Sunday. Click the button below to see a list of participants, click on the linky link and away you go. Don’t forget to comment, like, or follow.

My struggle with technology continues (perhaps it’s for the best I don’t write sci-fi. I’ll be the first casualty if the ship AI takes over). I had issues posting my current blog post (#9) last week. Long story short I did last minute edits, went to bed thinking my post was ready to be posted. But as I slept my post had a different idea. Here is a link Flip of a Coin #9 to my previous post if you will like to read it. If not on with the show.

A Flip of a Coin: Chris finds Mister Bayliss’s home, noting a light on upstairs he decides to investigate. Climbing the brick wall surrounding the house, he reaches the top as the balcony doors swing open. Two men step into the evening air with drinks and cigars in their hands. Chris hides amid the branches of a nearby tree, eavesdropping on the conversation. An older dignified man addresses the younger; John Bayliss. (note, this is heavily edited to fit the requirements)


“John, what you propose is an intriguing matter,” said the old man, blowing smoke rings into the darkness. “How do you know your benefactor will succeed?”

“I have a lot of faith in his abilities and influence over this kingdom. If he desires a thing he gets it, simple as that.”

“I do not feel comfortable with this endeavour of yours, I must think of my name and my family.”

“There are risks in every investment, Martin. Will you throw away international fame because you are too scared to take the chance?”

“When you get to be my age you learn to recognise a bad idea when you hear it.” The man coughs continuing once he catches his breath, “I may not be able to fund you but I will confer with my colleagues may be they are willing to accept your radical ideas.”

“Thank you, Martin,” John smiles, “I appreciate it.”



So Bayliss is working for another, possible criminal mastermind. Seems like everyone is a pawn for someone else. With that, it is time to continue the Canada day celebrations on my end. I hope you all have a great and safe weekend!

A Flip of a Coin Snippet 06/24/18

Welcome back! It’s another Sunday and another blog hop hosted by the Weekend Writing Warriors. Writers post 8-10 sentences of their works in progress or promoted projects. If you’re interested in participating or reading more works, click on the button below. Choose from the list of participants and don’t forget to like, comment or follow.

We are continuing with A Flip of a Coin. Eager to investigate Primrose Avenue, Chris sets off from the Painted Horse to the upper-class neighbourhood. Spending the day talking to his contacts and some harmless flirting he finds out the name of Flann’s special guest and potential silent partner.  A shopkeeper gives him the name and address of Mister Bayliss, a new upstart aristocrat with ambitions of for nobility. ( note the following is edited to fit guidelines)


Jamming his hands in his pockets,  he sets his shoulders against the cool evening breeze, walking through the richer part of the kingdom. The lavish homes were prettier than the slums, the flower beds in the small window baskets seemed to promote the lie of happiness and beauty. It was the kind of society that bred mistrust; the evidence was seen in the number of iron gates surrounding the most fearful rich members of society. The bigger the fence the less trust they had for neighbours or the authority which protected them. Chris turns a corner as the night set in, hoping to get out of the gaze of the soldier before he moved on to his mark.

His feet stop in front of a small manor surrounded by a high stone wall with an iron gate. Ivy climbs the wall giving the property an aged ‘old money’ feel.  Clearly, Mister Bayliss paid a handsome price for the appearance of being among Lollardum’s rich. According to a barmaid, he held weekly events which included dances and intellectual parlour gatherings for snotty rich men. Which indicated to Chris, Bayliss likes to surround himself with a bunch of old men who claim to be scholars while drinking whisky and smoking cigars trying not to talk about beautiful women.


That’s it for now, I’m excited about the next few posts because once Chris discovers a secret in Bayliss’s basement the stakes get higher. I’m happy to report the successful weeding of the sneaky word ‘that’ from my manuscript. Actually, I managed to remove 442 of them. I’m happy with it, considering the remaining words are used in speech and it’s part of a character’s speech pattern. So overall a successful round of edits.