Flip of a Coin 04/11

Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop! Writers post 8-10 sentences for their work every Sunday for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to click on the link for a full list of participants and/or blog hop rules if you wish to participate.

This week we follow Zack, who is on special assignment from king Avalon to investigate king Castellan’s claims of Mage radicals threatening his kingdom. It’s dark and Zack wanders through the theatre district. Because of the growing fear of Mages, Zack’s once valuable contacts refuse to say anything. Most don’t want to be involved. (snippet is edited to fit guidelines)

His assignment was proving a failure. He kicks an empty crate, scaring a stray cat in the alley. Absorbed with his own self-defeat he doesn’t notice the figure following him in the shadows. The stalker’s thin lips curl as he steps from the darkness and slides his dagger to the knight’s throat. Zack grabs the hilt of his sword as his heart pounds in his chest as he waits for the man to twist the deadly blade.
“Now give me all you got” a deep raspy voice whispers in his ear. The dagger twitches, the jewels on the handle glimmer in the moonlight.
“Hand it over and I won’t tell your uncle how I bested you.”
“Chris, you bastard!”  He shouts recognizing the voice and dagger; he shoves the laughing thief into a nearby wall.
“Man, you should’ve seen your face!”

Hope you enjoyed this weeks snippet! I decided to partake in NaNoWriMo this month so wish me luck. It’s a bit nerve-wracking since I decided to do this last minute.  I spend weeks planning a novel in perpetration but this year I am ‘just going with it’. Maybe it will be okay, I mean Flip of a Coin was a NaNoWriMo creation maybe something good will come out of my ramblings this month.

Have a great week you all! I will see you next Sunday! 


Flip of a Coin 28/10

Time for another fantasy filled Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop! Writers (of various genres and interests) post 8-10 sentences of their writing weekly for the world to enjoy. If you’re interested in participating next week or just want more click here for the #8sunday homepage. 

Last week Chris discovered the Mage priest bleeding in the Bayliss’s basement but their conversation is interrupted by footsteps in the corridor. His body hesitates as the Mage urges him to escape.

“Aren’t you going to ask me to save you?” He asks out of politeness but a minuscule part of him feels, maybe, the world will be better off without Mages.
“The Gods have their plans; we walk their path,” the Mage coughs again. “Now climb through that window there, you’re small enough.”
The footsteps approach and Chris’s body leaps into action. His fingers rip the black paper covering the window, pushing open the glass, he squeezes through the narrow window as the door opens. He doesn’t wait to hear what happens next, he runs through the servant’s gate. Soldiers on patrol order him to stop but his heart pounds in his chest and his feet don’t stop until he reaches the theatre district.  

With our thief free from the clutches of Bayliss I think I can finally enjoy a cup of tea in peace. Make sure you come back next week, we still have our favourite knight wandering the streets looking for information on the Mage radical group. So return and see what demons he meets in the alleyways. 

Here are some spooky ghosts! Happy Halloween all! 

A Flip of a Coin 21/10

Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors Snippet Sunday! It is a weekly blog where writers post 8-10 sentences of their work. Make sure you click the link to visit the other participants and if you want to join just follow the instructions (it’s just that easy!)

A quick recap of the story so far: 

Chris, our lovable thief, gets his nose into somewhere he shouldn’t and discovers the beaten dead body of a young Mage in a rich man’s basement. He returns to settle his curiosity and arrives as Bayliss is using a Mage’s own magic against him. (click here to read the previous scene)

On with today’s post!

After Bayliss leaves, Chris sneaks into the room. The Mage is chained against the wall and his once pristine robes are filthy. Under the blood and dirt, Chris spies a familiar face.

“Aren’t you the Mage priest from the cathedral?” The man nods. “Why is he doing this to you?”
“Every experiment needs a test subject,” the Mage coughs, spitting blood as he clears his throat,
“What’s he testing?”
“Did you see the ring he wore?” Chris nods, “he’s looking for a way to use our magic against us. I didn’t even think it was possible.” The man stares into the shadows wearing a grim expression. But a shutting of a door jars him to the present. “Go, damn prick, ensures I don’t die right away.”

Glad to see you all again and stay tuned for what happens next! Also, I am working on a new series of posts exploring the printing history behind some of my older books from my collection. So if that’s something you’re interested in then expect that in the next few weeks. Have a great week everyone!