A Flip of a Coin- Blog Hop 5

Welcome back, it’s that time again! It’s time for the weekend writing warrior blog hop where writers post 8-10 sentence snippets of their writing projects. Also, it’s a great opportunity to read, discover new things and visiting different blogs. For more information and how to partake in the weekend writing warrior blog hop (and list of participants) click the button!

Previously from A Flip of a Coin.

Chris had successfully acquired a relic from an ancient Mage cathedral for his employer and after flirting with the bar manager he notices strangers in the tavern.


Chris drank his wine, his interest in the strangers growing with every mouthful. He noticed they were dressed like the rest of the scoundrels who called the theatre district home, but Julie was right, they were too clean to belong.Their clothes, resembling the fashion of the poor and downtrodden, didn’t have any patches nor appeared worn in any way. Their facial hair was carefully manicured and their shoes were new and polished.

“Bar wrench!” he called to Julie.

“I told you to stop calling me that!”

“I know, but I just love that face you make,” he smiled at her scowling expression. “What’re the blue bloods doing here?” he whispered, using the slang word for the richer class. It was always suspicious when the rich found their way into their neck of the woods.

“I dunno, but by the sounds of ruckus upstairs Flann isn’t happy with what their boss has to say.” she motioned to the second floor where muffled shouts from Flann’s private apartments floated downstairs.


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A Flip of a Coin- Blog Hop 4

Welcome back to the weekend blog hop where writers post 8-10 sentence snippets of their work in progress. It’s a great opportunity to discover what people are writing, show your appreciation, and tell your story (if you choose). Check out the linky link below to find a list of participants and go where your heart desires.

A Flip of a Coin

This In this snippet Chris is drinking at his favourite tavern, the Painted Horse, owned by his old gang boss Flann. We learn Chris managed to buy his freedom from the gang but still associates with his old friends. His oldest friend being the bar manager Julie. As he contemplates the item he stole from the cathedral and searching for another job, Julie comes to take his order.

“What will it be today?”

“Julie, my little turtle dove,” Chris smiled as she pursed her lips. She hated pet names, but he couldn’t resist.  “Slow day my sparkling jewel?”

“Yeah, the usual?” She pushed a rebellious black lock of hair behind her ear.

“You know it and a side of that pretty face of yours to go with me tonight.”

“How ’bout just the wine,” she said tiredly, having heard the same line before.

“Is that all?” he winked, flashing her his charming smile.

“You better stick with the wine.”

So, Chris flirts with everyone, sometimes he wins sometimes he loses but it doesn’t stop him from playing the game. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a great weekend/week!


A Flip of a Coin- Blog Hop 3

Good Weekend to you all! It’s time for the Weekend Writing Warrior Blog Hop. It’s a magical time of the week where writers post snippets of their writing for others to read, enjoy and discover. By all means, check out the linky link below, then visit, read, and comment and away you go.

This week I’m continuing with my short novel A Flip of a Coin. As a quick recap: Chris the charismatic thief who loves all things that sparkle stole a priceless artefact from a Mage Cathredal for his anonymous client. He escaped the burning building as the roof collapsed. Standing in the mud, he notices the blood from the Mage Priest the mob had attacked earlier. His memory drifts to his first encounter with a Mage as a young boy. (Also note it’s highly edited to fit restrictions)

Chris watched his neighbours swarm the Mage traveller; Chris, being a child, cowered behind boxes listening to bones break and watching blood decorate the street. They moved his broken body to an alley leaning him against over flowing garbage cans. Standing over the Mage, noting his laboured breathing and bloody coughing fits, he had hundreds of questions but his mouth couldn’t decide which one to ask.

“Take a seat boy,” the Mage motioned next to him, “don’t be afraid, the Gods always reward those who follow the path of light with Eternal peace, love, and safety. We shall be reunited with our Holy Family and bathe in their light- it’s what we all dream of.”

“I think people ’round here rather have food to eat,” Chris mumbled.

The Mage gave a small laugh, “you think too much of the body, you need to think of your spirit and your heart.”

“But my stomach is louder than my heart,” he frowned trying to remember his last meal.

“My poor boy, do not close your soul off to the Gods or you will suffer the path of darkness, dying alone and without mercy from the Goddess.”

That night he watched the Mage die; not understanding the path of light he preached but fully realizing that in the poor side of Lollardum, everyone dies without mercy and alone.

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The beginning of a journey

“Tristran walked through the gap, with the stone wall on each side of him, into the meadow on the other side of the wall. Turning, he looked back at the three men, framed by the gap, and wondered why they had allowed him through.” – Stardust, Neil Gaiman.


Journeys begin with a step, in quest fantasy, journeys begin when the protagonist embarks on an adventure leaving the world they know heading towards the unknown. Leaving the safety of your home, the shire, or your small provincial town is, if you are like me, both terrifying and exciting.  From a young age, this journey has been an obsession. My mother, to this day, will complain about how many times she needed to read Goldilocks and the Three Bears before I fell asleep. Something about Goldilocks (breaking and entering and stealing tendencies aside) triggered a sense of trying something until it suited you. That having different preferences wasn’t terrible and seeking out the special desire was acceptable.


Side note: Don’t mention the Three Little Kittens either, she was grateful when I moved on from that one. (I, occasionally, sport a t-shirt proclaiming  “raise the minimum wage for kittens” because mittens, obviously, “don’t wash themselves”. Perhaps occasionally is an understatement, it’s in the weekly shirt rotation.)


But journeys don’t have to be terrifying, the quest story offers suspense, delight, and allows for the question of the status quo.  In Gaiman’s Stardust, the opening line reads: “There was once a young man who wished to gain his Heart’s Desire.” This genre creates growth by forcing the character from their comfort zone. Some journeys are voluntary other’s are forced upon us, but as the proverb states, it’s the journey, not the destination that matters. Tristran passed through the gap in the Wall searching for a fallen star but discovered much more.


My journey or the journey of my stories is about to begin, and for them, this is their first step. Here they will leave the confines of the word document or notebook, to experience a wider world. This adventure is both exciting and obscure but I look forward to sharing my scribbles, stories, and characters with you. We embark on a journey with no end in sight but if there’s one thing I know for sure there will always be an adventure and a good cup of tea.

A Flip of a Coin- Blog Hop 2

Author’s note: Sorry for the delay in getting this out, I’m having issues with the blog (new to the blog scene). I am trying to recover my first post with all your supportive comments. Once again sorry for any inconvenience. With that said, on with the show.

Welcome back, it’s that time again! It’s time for the weekend writing warrior blog hop where writers post 8-10 sentence snippets of writing. Also, it’s a great opportunity to read, discover new things and visiting different blogs. For more information and how to partake in the weekend writing warrior blog hop click the button!

 A Flip of a Coin is a project I’ve been working on for the past year or so (a NaNoWriMo love child). Last week’s post began the adventure with Chris, a thief, about to enter a burning cathedral to steal the precious artefacts within. 

Throwing his shoulder against the wooden door Chris entered the burning building, counting his steps from the door to the altar located in the middle of the cathedral. Beautifully painted murals depicting scenes of the Gods now turned sinister as the flames corrupted their angelic faces to demonic ghouls. Through the smoke, the overpowering figure standing over him; reaching for the dagger tucked into his belt,  he stopped when he recognised it was the cast iron statue of the Goddess the Mages worshipped. The meaning of the encounter didn’t escape him; he faced the Goddess of Death as he stole from their burning home.

Fighting to breathe through the smoke, he forced his muscles to press on; lifting a burnt rug revealing a hidden door, then discreetly slipping down the narrow staircase. Finding a torch to light, he discovered a room with crates and barrels, spotting a small stone altar tucked away in the corner. A vase with a wilted flower sat on the dusty stone altar next to a blue bundled of cloth. Carefully pulling the corners of the cloth he smiled at the prize; a tarnished golden bell with a crafted swan on its handle. He couldn’t read the engraved symbols but he felt they held great importance. He didn’t know why his anonymous client wanted the bell, but a happy client meant a paying client and a paying client, in turn, made Chris happy.

A Flip of a Coin Synopsis: 

Chris, a charismatic thief falls victim to his own curiosity as he stumbles upon gruesome crimes in the back alleys of Lollardum’s slums. Convinced the crimes will spark a race war between Mages and Innocents (those who do not use magic), he enlists his best friend to investigate and prevent the crimes and fear from spreading to the rest of the continent. But as any thief knows, luck and circumstances can change with a flip of a coin.