Threadbare-brown-book-in background-with-Text-Stiffs-of-Suburbia-chapter-one-part-one

Stiffs of Suburbia

Reginald wanted a quiet, tranquil place where he could go about his day. A home with a tall fence and a basement where he could research the dark arts and cast spells. But perhaps suburbia was the wrong choice. Because he was about to discover, that at the quaint cul de sac, there was no peace; not even for the dead.


The Thief’s Wager: Pageant in the Streets

A routine heist cascades into chaos as the Cathedral burns to the ground. But when a paying client demands the best, Chris O'Connell accepts the challenge. However, this might be one client he wished he never met. A new dark fantasy that reminds us that curiosity is sometimes a curse.

Threadbare-brown-book-in background-with-Text-His-Forever-Friend-Chapter-Three

His Forever Friend- Chapter Three

Jake, a recent divorcee, has one thing to look forward to; weekends with his son. What he doesn't know is Dylan has a secret. The boy's friend, Peter, escaped the attic and has plans of his own. Will Jake discover the plot in time or is his time already up? Part three of four of a paranormal haunting inspired by a twisted side of the beloved classic Peter Pan.