Raven Moon Background

Our Affliction: Chapter Sample

Prologue from the paranormal fantasy novella Our Affliction. A Beauty and the Beast retelling with a dash of time travel. Follow the mysterious Raven, a servant to the Goddess, on his midnight flight. Unbeknownst to him, her bidding sends two unexpected friends spiraling into their forgotten past.

Coins in Different Currencies

A Thief’s Wager- Sample

Chris, a charismatic thief falls victim to his own curiosity as he stumbles upon gruesome crimes in the back alleys of Lollardum’s slums. Convinced the crimes will spark a race war between Mages and Innocents (those who do not use magic), he enlists his best friend to investigate and prevent the crimes and fear from spreading to the rest of the continent. But as any thief knows, luck and circumstances can change with a flip of a coin.