World Building & Wonder- Mage Guardians

Umara is the fantasy world created for the ‘Battle for Umara’ novel series. It is an expansive world ruled by Gods, mythical creatures, and magic. Stuck in the middle are Mages, sworn to protect the Innocent and to uphold the Gods’ Will. By the time the novels take place Umara is on the brink of collapse. The Worldbuilding and Wonder series showcases the who, what and where of Umara. And includes tidbits of the inspiration behind them.

What are Mage Guardians:

Guardians are magical creatures who possess unique abilities which assist them to complete their Divine Duty. They exist in all shapes and sizes, spanning creatures from myths and exotic animals from rare locations. No matter what shape they take; it was carefully crafted by the Gods to ensure success.

Although they are lifelike they are created from magic that mimics life. Some grow along side their Mage, they eat, sleep and sustain injuries. But they are not immortal, their life cycle ends under two distinct circumstances; their purpose is complete or their Mage dies.

Despite all of this knowledge, one crucial question can not be answered. Why do certain Mages receive Guardians while others do not. Scholars suspect that the Gods gift a Guardian to a Mage who is destined to face hardships or struggle. Because of this belief those with Guardians are seen as inferior by the community.

Some Guardians, such as the ones in myths of the coastal kingdom Sherseas, take center stage in creation myths and unlocking mysteries from the Gods. Guardians are hailed as scared animals which wander freely and want for nothing. They even teach young Mages providing them with techniques different from the mainland and is rooted in their local traditions.

Guardians in the Battle for Umara Series

Eclipse Orbit

He was gifted to Moira when she was eight. He grew alongside her and is her dearest companion. Often critical, sarcastic, and a bit aloof he relies on cunning more than strength to survive.

As Moira sets off on her own he fills the role of mentor and confidante. His vast knowledge has saved them both countless times. However, his physical strength and prowess should not be ignored. He communicates fluently with the characters and also with other creatures, particularly Sara’s dragon Charcoal.

The first feature most notice is the ruby shaped birthmark on his forehead. It is a mark of his magical ability. Because of his role as protector his magic is centered on defense. His ability, Ruby Light, provides a vibrant garnet barrier used to defend against magical and physical attacks.

The Wolfhound

This character is still in development, however he is a companion to Moira’s rival: Reeia. He is an old feisty soul who becomes aggressive when his Mage is in distress. Reeia’s temper and outburst cannot be controlled, and instead of keeping her in check, the Wolfhound feeds the chaos. They make a dangerous pair. His abilities are still unknown at this part of development but it will most likely be an offensive ability.

Honourable Mentions

One of the earliest guardian’s considered was a bird type Guardian named Wynn. The first and only drawing of her resembled some cartoonish Muppet. She had pink feathered body, purple butterfly wings and stood upright. Little remains in the notes about the Mage she is assigned to, her abilities, or role in the series. Honestly, younger self thought it was a fun creative experiment. Will Wynn make it into the ranks of other Guardians, be remade into something not resembling a Muppet, or will this be the last record of her in the pages of history. Only time will tell.